01. What is newvista?
02. Can anyone join newvista?
03. How does it work?
04. How do I register?
05. Why do I need to register?
06. How much does it cost to register?
07. Do I have to do all the surveys or other types of research activities?
08. How many surveys and other activities can I participate in?
09. How long are surveys and other activities?
10. Do your surveys have quality control checks?
11. What should I do if I can't access a survey?
12. Can I access and complete a survey using my mobile?
13. What is the information I provide in surveys and other research activities used for?
14. What happens to all my answers?
15. How many points do I earn for each survey or other research activity?
16. What is shown on my account homepage?
17. When are points added to my account?
18. When will I be paid my money?
19. How does the payment process work?
20. Who is eligible to be entered into the monthly prize draw?
21. How many prizes will there be for the monthly prize draw?
22. When will the prize draw take place?
23. If I win the prize draw how will I be notified and when will I receive my prize?
24. If I win the prize draw how will I receive my prize?
25. Can I change my details?
26. How do I close my account / unsubscribe?
27. Why haven't I received my cheque?