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Remember to check your email regularly for survey invitations. Don’t forget to keep your profiler surveys up to date – the more surveys you are eligible for, the more invitations you will receive!

Earn more points with our partners

newvista partners with other trusted panel companies so we can offer you even more chances to take surveys and earn more points.

You will be rewarded with points in the same way, these will be credited immediately on completion of the survey.

There are no newvista partner surveys eligible for your account at this time.

New partners are added periodically, so please check back later.

There are no newvista partner surveys eligible for your account at this time.

Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Points: Up to 25
Duration: Up to 10 minutes
Points: Up to 50
Duration: Up to 20 minutes
Points: Up to 75
Duration: Over 20 minutes
Points: Up to 100

You have hit the limit to the number of panel partner surveys you can take today.

Check your email to see if you have any invites for newvista surveys that you can complete.

Otherwise, come back tomorrow to get access to more opportunities to complete surveys from our partners.

This is how it works...

  • When you complete a survey you will be sent back to newvista and have the option to try to take another available survey.
  • If there are no surveys available you will see a message asking you to try again later.
  • These partner surveys cannot show the points for each survey at the start – this is calculated based on length of survey and will be sent to us to credit to your account.
  • If you fail to get through a survey, our partner will route you to another survey (if one is available).
  • Generally, the length of survey should credit the following points
    • Up to 5 minutes - 25 points.
    • Up to 10 minutes - 50 points.
    • Up to 20 minutes - 75 points.
    • Over 20 minutes - 100 points.
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There is a wide range of vouchers on offer, so you're bound to find one perfect for you!
Google Play
John Lewis & Partners
Marks & Spencer
New Look
The Charity Shop
Uber Eats

Your Profile Surveys

Profile surveys are used to gain as much information about you and your lifestyle as possible. This information is used to match surveys to the relevant panel members

Remember to keep you profile details updated regularly to increase your number of survey invites you receive.
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