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Issue #1 – Created September 2023
Welcome To Our Newsletter

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that we tend to invite you to complete various surveys for the different research projects we run. We realised that we very seldom talk about the things that happen behind the scenes. We are now taking a new initiative to launch a newsletter which will reach your inbox at various times during the year.

Our aim is to tell you a bit more about how what we do, how your feedback is impacting the world.

Your newvista Team

Our Research and Your Help

Thank you to those who took part in our in-home product test recently on health & wellbeing supplements!

We know that this is a bit of a different type of study to the online surveys that you may be used to, so thank you for your time and engagement across the 3-week study with everyone who started the study completing almost all of the surveys and taking the product as instructed – this is a very crucial part of the home placement.

So what is a product placement study? This type of study requires you to use/take a product in your own home over a specified period of time and as a thank you, the reward for taking part is higher depending on what you are required to do.

For the health & wellbeing supplement study, those taking part were required to take a supplement every morning at around the same time and then they complete an online survey at the end of each week telling us about their experience that week. There was some very clear feedback on what you liked about the product and what could be done to make it better. This has been very helpful to the client to better understand the effect of health & wellbeing supplements on your experience. We hope that you enjoyed taking part and sharing your experience with us.

If you didn’t take part in this study or if the topic area wasn’t of interest to you, fear not! We have some more in-home studies coming up that we hope you will be excited to take part in soon. After a quieter Summer, Autum is coming with many surveys so do keep an eye out for those e-mails invites we send you.


Various Topics Survey also known as The Omnibus


Over the years, The Omnibus, has been a constant presence in the list of surveys we invite you to share your opinions on. It usually runs twice a week, capturing your views on a broad range of topics, which most of the times can be very unrelated, just to add a bit of spice. The first invites to complete are being sent on a Wednesday and on a Friday. You may be used to seeing the survey invites on these days each week.

However, we wanted to let you know that we have recently changed the timings and it now launches on a Tuesday and a Friday. Most of the NewVista panel members are invited to take part, so look out for the emails in your inbox.

Please do take the time to respond to the surveys – your responses really do matter to us.

Small changes for a bigger impact.

To help our members achieve more points, we have changed our policy for those failing to qualify for a survey through no fault of their own and we are now rewarding each unsuccessful attempt with 1 point.

Previously, each month there were 10 lucky members to win a £50 voucher, however there was also a long list of “not so lucky” people. So we are rectifying this by rewarding each attempt which will help every participant increase their overall points.


You might have also noticed our improved members area page, which has a slightly updated look and feel. And while you can still see your overall number of points and the surveys that you have been rewarded for, you can also see your progress to reaching your £50 goal.

Newvistalive Team

We don’t like talking too much about ourselves so we like to keep a low profile, but rest assured we are always just an e-mail away. We appreciate your messages and hearing your feedback and we will always do our best to help. Please remember that the answer to some of the questions you might have can be found on our FAQs page which can be found here. If you are contacting us about a specific survey, please make sure to also include the invite e-mail you have received or the Survey Topic and the Job Number as specified in the invite. This way we can help with a resolve faster.

Please remember that at the other end of your e-mail there is a real person; so we encourage you to remain kind. We believe the saying goes: “in a world where you can be anything, please be kind.”

Your newvistalive friends